"I would just like to take the time to thank you, Rhea, for your time and efforts with my hair and makeup. I'd also like to let you know that I would without a doubt recommend you to anyone looking for a new stylist, makeup artist, or last minute special event vamper upper ;). You always make me look my best- and I get tonssss of compliments. I'm glad I've finally found someone I can trust to take care of me like family- I know you're looking out for my best interests always!!! So glad your talented self is only a 30 minute drive away!"

Satisfied Client

"Here in America, a girl's coming out party is usually at the age of 16. However, in my culture, we have a debut which is when a girl reaches womanhood at the age of 18. I was very honored to have Rhea do my hair and also my makeup. She did an amazing job! I seriously felt like a princess. I pictured this day for many many years, and she did it exactly the way I wanted it. My makeup was flawless and it stayed on the entire night, even through my tears. My hair was very manageable, and I was able to take it down quickly for my performance. She does a great job. She takes time and effort. I highly recommend Rhea. She's amazing. I would definitely go to her again for any other occasion coming up."

My Cotillion

​"Being assigned to be my maid-of-honor, my sister was helping me prepare for my big day. She told me to check out Rhea's page on facebook. Apparently, Rhea has some kind of artistic talent we didn't know about. I listened to my sister and checked out photos of beautiful ladies with make-up so "well-put-together" I couldn't decide which look I wanted for my own wedding. I called her and set up my "trial" appointment for the day of my pre-wedding photos. Well, it turned out great; not only in photos! I told my girls I was going to use her for the wedding day but they were free to use whomever they liked. They checked out her page and decided to use her as well! We had a big bridal party and Rhea had to put a team together to work with us. It worked out great! All my girls were very happy with their make-up and hair! And of course, I was a happy bride! Not only is she talented. She also is very professional! Everyone from her team showed the same qualities! :)"

Happy Bride

​"Rhea is not only my friend but now my hair stylist and make-up artist as well. Let me assure you that is not an easy task; considering I am the pickiest person in the world! =) Rhea has done my make-up on occasion, and every time I am overwhelmed with compliments from complete strangers. There is no better feeling in the world except for when not only do I look beautiful but feel beautiful as well. She is able to play up the natural beauty that a woman has already, and make it work to the clients best potential. One thing that Rhea has done that really has benefited me is her make-up tutorials on You-tube. I was able to do her looks on myself with her fantastic teaching techniques. Rhea is greatly talented, and I can not wait to use her services yet again in the future."

​Happy Client